Who we are

Balanced Living Centre trainers are accredited by the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre (UK),  a non-denominational charitable trust which specialises in practical spiritual training for modern professionals.

Over the last twenty years, the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre has trained people of all ages and backgrounds as Counsellors, Healers and Teachers – a tranche of international professionals including some of the UK’s leading business management consultants; Professional Directors, Cinematographers and Photographers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK; Pharmacists and Business Managers from the USA; Media Managers and Teachers from all over the world. Many of these courses are now available in New Zealand, at both Christchurch and Auckland Centres.

Angela Main

Angela Main is the Managing Director of the Balanced Living Centre. She has degrees in Psychology and Zoology and qualifications in Yoga, Ayurveda and the Feldenkrais Method. She has extensive experience as a project manager and business manager and has run her own businesses in the creative industries for over 25 years. Angela  is a trained healer, developing Counsellor and teacher of several foundation courses through the SRMHC(UK).

Angela is a member of SRMHC Associates (NZ) and the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners.


Angela Main

Mananda Carrigan

Mananda Carrigan

Mananda Carrigan is a Senior Trainer with the Balanced Living Centre. She is also a Senior Trainer with the SRMHC (UK) and is a founder member of SRMHC Associates (NZ). She ran the Self Realisation Meditation Healing Centre in Christchurch for over 15 years. Mananda has extensive experience in coaching and supervision, in both personal and business practice. She is  qualified trainer for Progressive Counselling, Natural Spiritual Healing Diploma Courses and Pure Meditation courses.

Mananda is a member of the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners and also runs her own clinic on the North Shore of Auckland and the Rodney District.

Our experience

Some examples of the types of training, supervision and business consultancy work we have delivered

  • The CEO of a software development company was helped with communication and leadership skills
  • HR managers in Christchurch were given stress management training and practical tools following the earthquakes
  • A union was assisted with dispute resolution and the implementation of the EAP ( Employee Assistance Programme) in the workplace
  • Real estate agents received training in energy care and how to avoid burnout
  • A Senior IT Manager was assisted with anger management and staff relations
  • A CEO heading a company merger, developed his diplomacy and public speaking skills
  • A newly promoted employee in the judiciary  system was assisted with bullying
  • Several not for profit sector organisations, received help with the facilitation and development of an organisational strategic plan
  • Health and safety training programme was developed for health care professionals
  • Training in heading meetings, facilitation and leadership skills was given to health providers
  • Redundancy negotiation assistance for employers, employees and union representatives
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