What we offer

Finding a work life balance is essential to good health, good relationships and personal progress. Most people are effected in some way by the extent of the demands on them and this can lead to stress. Stress impacts on physical and mental health, it can can effect concentration and cause an increase in emotions and reactions, which can effect relationships with our colleagues and in our home life. If this is continued it can lead to burnout and long term health problems. It can prevent us from being focused and doing our best, so we are unable to realise our potential, which can lead to feelings of frustration and negativity.

By managing the balance of our energies - how much we give out, ensuring that we are replenished, we can begin to see the habits which are not helpful to us and develop ones that are. By doing this we become more creative, more focused, more able to be in the present. We are then enabled to maximise our true potential, to develop and live within all aspects of our lives fully.

Our approach

We have tailor made courses for the business sector based on mindfulness principles which include:

  •   meditation and energy care techniques
  •   stress management tools
  •   self care techniques
  •   work life balance awareness
  • , progressive management skills
  •   leadership development
We offer both individual/one on one and group workshops for:

  • training
  • supervision and coaching
  • facilitation and team development
We can specifically design workshops or training programmes to suit the specific needs of clients/businesses


The benefits 

Meditation and self care techniques are proven to be effective in

  • improving concentration
  • stress management - physical, mental and emotional
  • staff relations
  • well being
  • efficiency and overall performance
  • job satisfaction
We can help you to assess specific needs within the workplace, to identify goals within your business and develop training to meet these.