Healing Therapy for People and Animals

At our clinic in the foothills of Titirangi we offer Pure Spiritual Healing, Intuitive Counselling and Holistic Coaching appointments.

Healing energy is the pure intelligence that supports all of life, it can top up our own cellular intelligence and help your whole being regain balance. It can assist in recovery from injury or illness, by supporting the body's natural healing process. As well as the healing itself you will be taught tools to take care of and regain your vital energy. Regular healing can help a well person maintain and enhance their balance and make progress within themselves.

Intuitive Counselling and Holistic Coaching can help with working in a positive way with life's ups and down, harnessing your inner wisdom through intuition, developing your self awareness and making choices which take you forward in life. Finding freedom through compassion and understanding for others and by dealing positively with emotions and reactions. Finding your own truth and living it.

We also offer Animal Healing both in the therapy room and at your home.

We are open during daytime hours, some evenings and on Saturday mornings. You are welcome to call us on 09 817 8738 to ask any questions with a view to making an appointment or to email us.

Appointment Prices

Healing                                         first appointment $75 thereafter $65
Counselling/Coaching                     first appointment $95 thereafter $85
Animal Healing                              first appointment $45 thereafter $35 (travel fees may apply)

We also offer a sliding scale for those in need so please feel welcome to call to discuss your needs with us.

Winged Prayer

If for any reason you cannot receive treatment in person, or as an addition to regular treatment, you may request Winged Prayer. To receive, go into the quiet and inwardly ask. We ask for the Healing to be sent to all in need, at 9.00 p.m. each evening – do join us at this time if you can.


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