Pure Meditation

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Open the Inner Door to Health~Peace~Joy Inner Wisdom

The ancient, yet ever new and blissful state of Meditation is handed from Guru to disciple and chosen disciple to others. In no other way can this Meditation ever be truly given.
As we progress in our individual and planetary evolution there comes a time when we need to consciously enhance this process. Pure Meditation is given by the Masters for this purpose.
This should not be confused with visualisation, relaxation or other meditative states. Meditation is a specific form of concentration which, in real meaning, applies only in connection with consciously tuning in with Cosmic Consciousness and cosmic supply. With the eternal science and art of Pure Meditation, which includes the highest Raja and Kriya Yogas, you can gradually awaken the cosmic power to control your own destiny and prevent failure and dis-ease. By Pure Meditation, we are withdrawing from our five sense telephones, relaxing our muscles, heart, our complete body until we can transcend to a state of bliss  extreme awareness, with blissful joy.

If you practise faithfully and with devotion , this joyous state will stay with you night and day; it will guide you to right action in everything you do and say. This is true, and therefore all other desires will dwindle in comparison, but you must try the fruit of Pure Meditation yourself. Then, and only then, will you know the true taste of Bliss and know that what is said is true.

Pure Meditation in essence is a way of life , and should be put into our life, not separated from it. This ancient art of Pure Meditation goes back beyond time, and yet is now still full of truth, wisdom and fulfilments. It has all the essence of its lineage, but with science and spirituality going hand in hand, you get there faster you can fly to Self Realization why not?

Pure Meditation must be taught properly, for like anything worthwhile, it has its pitfalls. If you want to climb mountains you must have a good guide, who knows the way and knows what the problems are. So it is with true, Pure Meditation. It is our spiritual food; without it we starve, as much of the world is doing today. It gives us all we need to live our life in peace, with love and wisdom; it helps deepen our work and play. We become at one with Life.

The Oneness in Pure Meditation.

The Centre teaches and guides you in Pure Meditation under the guidance of Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma, so that nothing in method or essence is missed, and all may be helped to Self Realization.

Pure Meditation students can develop further through Pure Meditation Refreshers and the Blessing of the Kriya One Breath and Initiation.Open the Inner Door to Health~Peace~Joy & Inner Wisdom.

Mata Yoganandaji

Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma 

"Pure Meditation is a means of finding one's true self. Being in harmony with life, everyone and everything. It is a  necessity for this day and age because there is so much stress, and so many people are unable to find peace within themselves- because of this fact alone, people will suffer physically as well as mentally and spiritually.

This has nothing to do with religion, it is a truth and a fact, yet with Pure Meditation all this can be changed. Dearest Ones, true Meditation, Pure Meditation is learning to concentrate on the Divine Power (God) within ourselves, truly this is so. We are part of a whole (part of God) our problem is, that we forget this simple fact."

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