Balanced Living Therapies

Progressive Counselling

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Often used alongside healing, Progressive Counselling is a powerful therapy in its own right. Progressive Counselling helps a person to see and choose which way to go in their life, whether with regard to relationships, decisions, illness or any other pressing issues. A Progressive Counsellor will never make a person’s decision for them, nor tell them what to do, but will help them to unravel and see what is hidden within. Often a person finds their own natural level of intuition and decisiveness greatly enhanced by this process, as they come to understand themselves to a greater depth.

While someone may come to Progressive Counselling for a particular problem, they will very likely also address other life issues that need tackling. However, this will be at the time when asked for, as no Progressive Counsellor will ‘delve’ unnecessarily. Similarly, no one is ever asked to look at issues from the past until they wish to: Progressive Counselling is about dealing with the here and now and moving forward from now in a more sustainable way. Life patterns and habits that a client wishes to change can be addressed at their own request and at the right time. It includes mindfulness tools and practices and your counsellor may recommend learning a mediation and mindfulness practise, or some further relaxation techniques.

Partnerships, family, bereavement, career and business relationships are all situations that can be worked with in counselling, either individually or together with those involved.

Many come to Progressive Counselling for guidance with their spiritual development, and for progress generally, self development or life skills~ because they want their lives and their relationships to continue developing to be the best they can possibly be.

Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment. The cost is $70 for the first time and $60 thereafter.

Natural Spiritual Healing and Progressive Counselling training is available,contact us for more information.