Wellbeing & Self Development Courses

These courses teach self awareness and stress management tools which enable an optimal work life balance to be achieved. This course helps to take charge of ourselves and manage our time and energy to maximise our performance and well being both at home and in the workplace. It is also suitable for parents, teachers, care givers and all people workers. This course can be customised to suit different workplace requirements and demands.

Using your Mind ( and Heart) Power to grow your Business

This course will help those who are self employed or wishing to start their own business. It will look at how to keep your balance, use your creativity and positivity to move through problems and enhance your work and life. Mindfulness and energy care tools will be taught along with ways to keep your work and personal life in balance and grow your self along with your business.

Empower Your Self to Live more Fully

Do others take our power from us or do we give it away? This course will help you understand and empower your self through self awareness, mindfulness and energy care tools. Poor choices and unhelpful habits can lead to unhappiness, energy depletion and ill health, this practical and holistic course will help you to be more balanced in your life and so access your inner wisdom.

Caring for Carers : Professional Seminars

holistic energy care

TheWell-being & Energy Care course is for health care professionals and natural therapy practitioners, carers and teachers who wish to deepen their understanding and care for their own energy, and so enhance their work with others.

Practical ways of being in charge of our own energy will be taught throughout the course, as well as the theoretical explanation of the scientific reasoning behind these methods. The various exercises taught can all be used very effectively at work or at home, once sufficient proficiency has been attained.

More about Wellbeing & Energy Care

The 2020 dates for the two day course are:
April 25th & 26th, July 25th & 26th and October 24th & 25th.