Current classes

SevaLight Hatha Yoga

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SevaLight Hatha Yoga classes are focused on integration through awareness - of movement, attention and the breath. This optimises and balances the flow of Prana - the life force energy, within the person so bringing about a feeling of harmony and well-being.

Classes are kept small to cater for each person's individual needs. They are gentle while strengthening all aspects of the person - body , mind and spirit. There is time in each class for warming up the joints and muscles through gentle stretching, for learning beneficial asanas (yoga poses) and with time for deep relaxation and integration.

Yoga is an excellent way to manage stress, recover from injury, enhance your strength and energy, improve your concentration and thereby your overall wellness. It is an ideal preparation for meditation.

Classes are held on Tuesday from 9.30am until 10.45am and Thursdays from 6.45pm until 8.00pm.

Ante Natal Hatha Yoga

Ante Natal Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga

These gentle classes will help you to adjust to the changes in your body, mind, spirit and feelings during your pregnancy. Yoga helps to keep the balance and will teach you relaxation, good posture, good breathing as well as strengthening exercises to help prepare you for birth. Transformation Hatha Yoga will also help with your self awareness, so that you are using your energy appropriately and creatively to nourish your baby. It can also help to overcome fear and anxiety by bringing positivity and help to develop your connection with your unborn child.

It is important to take care with your joints and movement during your pregnancy as your body will be adjusting on a day to day basis. You would need to consult with your midwife or Doctor before joining a class.

Ante Natal classes are held during the day. Please call or email for details and bookings.

SevaLight Hatha Yoga Teacher training is available in New Zealand. Please enquire.

Pure Meditative Peace & Mindfulness

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This practical course includes techniques to help bring the benefits of mindfulness and spiritual awareness into your life, by learning to use the power of your mind in a positive way to bring balance. The course, along with a meditative Peace practise, includes mindfulness tools to help you to stay calm and positive, to bring yourself more fully into the present moment and to develop your own self awareness. Through the use of these simple but effective tools in daily life, you will come to know yourself and be more 'in charge' - being less reactive and more in control of your emotions, so dealing better with any problems that life may bring.

In the first week you will learn Pure Meditative Peace which will give tools and a daily practise to help develop your own Inner Peace and to improve your concentration, bringing a calm and focused state within. On the next week we will look in more depth at aspects of your meditation as well as ways to prepare to practise through relaxation and visualization. There will also be some down to earth spiritual talks and an opportunity to ask questions. This course can also be a preparation for the in depth Pure Meditation course for those who wish to go further.

The course includes a beautiful workbook and hand outs. It is open to all and there is no religious affiliation or held belief, universal truths common to all paths are at the core of the course and it can help to enhance a deeper spiritual connection for those with a religion or for those with none.

The courses run regularly and is also available by private appointment. Please enquire.

Understanding Death & Passing

This is either run as a six week course or a two day seminar. This course is holistic and looks at how we understand death and how we might understand it more fully. What happens when we or our loved ones die? How can we use that knowledge to live more fully? Looking beyond emotions, tradition and myths to find out own inner understanding and to prepare for our own passing without fear.

The next courses will be held on April 17th and 18th and August 14th and 15th.