We teach in depth courses in Pure Meditation as a five day residential retreat. This course brings the ancient teachings of Raja and Kriya Yoga into the present along with practical tools for life, giving you the key to access your own depths of inner peace, intuition and wisdom. This course is taught under the loving guidance of a Self Realized Master Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma and gives all you need on your own path to Self Realization.

We offer an introductory course in meditation and mindfulness called Pure Meditative Peace, which can be learned in an hour and a half and gives you a way to relax your body and mind deeply, enhancing concentration and creativity and releasing stress, so essential in today's busy world.

We teach courses in Well-being and Energy Care, which are very helpful for those working in Management roles, as teachers, therapists or health professionals, also parents can benefit from these courses which help with the understanding of stress management, boundaries and essential tools for well-being.

A Balanced Living Course for Teachers has been taught very successfully for many years to caring professionals and business people here. It is an important course for teachers who wish to deepen their understanding and care for their own energy, thus enhancing both their work with their students and their own personal lives.

Animal Healing Courses are an enjoyable way to learn to help animals through Pure Spiritual Healing.