Holistic Energy Care

A Course for Professional Carers


Heart hands

This is a course for health care professionals and natural therapy practitioners, carers and teachers who wish to deepen their understanding and care for their own energy, and so enhance their work with others.

Many professionals who work with people use inner resources that are often not part of their job description. Apart from the extra thinking time that can be an unspoken part of the caring professional’s work, there is also the hidden essence of care. While the use of this essence, or energy, can lead to truly inspired work, its ungoverned use can also lead to burn out in the long run. We all know how common this is amongst Doctors, Nurses and other Health Care Workers, Teachers, Complementary Therapists, and Social Workers.

One way that many professionals deal with burn out is to distance themselves from their patients or work. However, to be a true carer, one needs to be able to give one hundred percent, while at the same time maintaining appropriate boundaries. The course in Holistic Energy Care shows how to enhance the involvement, while keeping it progressive, so that all of our contact contributes to our advancement and healing, as well as that of the patients/clients. This leads to greatly improved levels of care, while also helping the carer to feel much more energetic and satisfied within their work.

Life is a finely balanced thing, and it is all too easy to get caught up in the stresses of it. We will be looking at finding the balance within ourselves, looking at the energy life force, and learning ways of centering and balancing that energy. For it is through knowledge that we can enhance our creativity and keep our balance. Meditative peace, relaxation and visualisation all play their part.

This course draws on the long experience of the healers and teachers at the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre. Over the years, apart from the training of healers, much work has been done with all types of professional carers who have sought help and guidance regarding their own energy levels, and also their understanding of what is happening on a deeper level within their work with people.

Practical ways of being in charge of our own energy will be taught throughout the course, as well as the theoretical explanation of the scientific reasoning behind these methods. The various exercises taught can all be used very effectively at work or at home, once sufficient proficiency has been attained.

Tuition is given in small groups to allow for the needs of the individual participants to be met. There will be time for questions and individual work/energy problems to be addressed both in the group and on a one-to-one basis.