Healing and Counselling

Natural Spiritual Healing

Natural Spiritual Healing is the Divine science and art of balance. It helps us to be more balanced in our body, mind and spirit. This means that while the innermost layers of a person are balanced and energised, a sense of being more at peace with oneself and the world is achieved.

This inner balance then positively affects the outer layers of a person – the mind and emotions – effecting more mental poise, more concentration and focus of mind, and settling the emotions.

Because healing works so holistically, there is no limit to what sort of dis-eases of the mind, body or spirit can be helped. Healing always treats the whole person, as well as the disease, and many patients become truly well.

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Progressive Counselling 

Often used alongside healing, Progressive Counselling is a powerful therapy in its own right. Progressive Counselling helps a person to see and choose which way to go in their life, whether with regard to relationships, decisions, illness or any other pressing issues. A Progressive Counsellor will never make a person’s decision for them, nor tell them what to do, but will help them to unravel and see what is hidden within. Often a person finds their own natural level of intuition and decisiveness greatly enhanced by this process, as they come to understand themselves to a greater depth.

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If you interested In Natural Spiritual Healing or Progressive Counselling training, you can contact the SRMHC Christchurch directly.

Euphoria by Mandala Artist Ekarasa

Price $65 for first appointment and $55 for following appointments.  
Price $60 for the first appointment and $50 for following appointments

Animal Healing 

This a wonderful to help animal companions progress through injury, trauma or changes. It also simple helps their general well-being and boosts their immune system. Animals are very open to healing and can progress very quickly from it. Whether they be domestic, farm or wild animals

We also teach a weekend course in Animal Healing,  for more information go to Courses or to make a booking contact us.

Winged Prayer

If for any reason you cannot receive treatment in person, or as an addition to regular treatment, you may request Winged Prayer. To receive, go into the quiet and inwardly ask. We ask for the Healing to be sent to all in need, at 9.00 p.m. each evening – do join us at this time if you can. We receive requests from all over the world for this and many are helped.

animal healing
Price $30 for the first appointment and $25 for following appointments 
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