Animal Healing

Learn to Love and Know all Animals

This is a two-day course for those who wish to learn how to give Natural Spiritual Healing to animals. Working with love and respect for all animals, the course shows you how to help enhance the animals’ quality of life and to stimulate their bodies' own healing mechanism.

When considering animal healing we also need to look at the part people play in the health and well–being of animals. An holistic approach is used in order to deepen our understanding of the balance between animals, man, and the world we live in. By seeing the body–mind–spirit as interconnected levels, and honouring each as having an important role, every aspect of an animal’s being is able to benefit from the healing.

Specialist knowledge for particularly needy cases, animal behaviour, starting a practice, administration and how to manage your energy as an animal healer are among the many different aspects covered in the course.

The theoretical basis of healing is presented, giving special consideration to its application to animals. We give healing to a variety of animals in different environments, giving students as broad an experience as possible in the two days. Work with pets and farm animals’ is covered, as well as addressing the different needs of wild animals.

This is a very practical and supportive course giving students all they need to use this beautiful discipline professionally or in their own home; whichever they desire.

The Centre is available at all times for support.

Diploma holders of the SRMHC Natural Spiritual Healing course who take the Animal Healing course and gain experience as an Animal Healer may apply to attend the Animal Healing Certificate Assessment.

Terrier Dog
Rat in hands